Limits of computational time


This post is to document the current limits on usage of instances for computation in Datalore.

  • By default, you have access only to medium instances (AWS t2.medium); you can have up to 3 concurrently running workbooks on these types of instances.
  • There is a 120 hour monthly quota on usage of such instances.
  • If you would like to access larger types of instances, you can write to us ( and we can provide you with a gift code which will give access to them. You can redeem gift codes in the “Account Settings” dialog:
  • Due to an unfortunate bug, gift codes will not allow usage of medium instances beyond the monthly quota. I will write again here when this bug is fixed.

If you encounter any other issues, you are welcome to write in this forum, write us directly, or submit a feedback form in Datalore by clicking blue envelope button in the bottom right.


This issue has been fixed; gift codes should now be applicable towards medium instances once the monthly quota is exceeded.