Recalculation when comment added or changed


Here is a little suggestion: it would be nice to somehow differentiate two totally different use cases of comments:

  1. When user comments a meaningful line of code, which may somehow change following workbook workflow.
  2. When user adds just a line of text for clarification purpose only.

Here is why I think it might be quite important:
In the peace of code below I add some reminder for my future self about how the sklearn function works.

It causes recalculation of all cells below, which is not efficient and also may take a while. If every calculation takes for instance 20 mins the user will be really unhappy to wait for 20 more mins just because he/she added a comment in one of the first cells.

It is also worth to mention, that now all cells recalculate even if the user do not add/remove comment, but just edit it, which seems pretty redundant to me.


Hello, Sergey,

We’re working on smart evaluation to recalculate only dependent cells on any update and also there is a known feature request to not reevaluate code when user updates commented lines - I’ll upvote it, thanks for the heads up!

Concurrent execution of independent blocks

We will definitely implement this feature. Thank you for your feedback!


Hello again!

I’m happy to announce that now code block isn’t recalculated when updating a comment, but please note that adding or deleting the comment will still trigger recalculation.



Nice to hear that! Well done!