Offline availability



In my company we work with jupyter and I this tool looks like the perfect replacement for it. Do you have plans to release it as a product? We can’t work in the cloud with the amount of data we usually process. We also developed our internal framework and we don’t want to upload it to any cloud platform.

Have a nice day, thanks.


If your company is interested in such a deployment, write to me in private to konstantin dot solomatov at jetbrains.


I second this request. It would be nice to be able to deploy/run Datalore in a way jupyter notebooks work.

Please do not make this some “only on request” thing.


Its really great to see Jetbrains getting into this space, you guys can do a great job with this. Datalore could become a worthy replacement for Jupyter and Zeppelin. It would be great if this could become a downloadable product (say as an enterprise version).


We are thinking about creating a downloadable product, but currently it isn’t our top priority.


I think there are lots of Zeppelin & Jupyter users who would love this product within their Enterprise.
We currently use Zeppelin (primarily because the Scala support in Jupyter is lacking as well as Scala-Spark) but Scala in Zeppelin could be a lot better. My Scala Data Science dev would appreciate a product such as this.