Comparing Datalore with other cloud-based notebook services


Hello all,

I just published a blog post, Six easy ways to run your Jupyter Notebook in the cloud, that may be of interest to some of you. It’s an in-depth comparison of these six services:

  1. Binder
  2. Kaggle Kernels
  3. Google Colaboratory (Colab)
  4. Microsoft Azure Notebooks
  5. CoCalc
  6. Datalore

All of these services meet the following criteria:

  • They don’t require you to install anything on your local machine.
  • They are completely free (or they have a free plan).
  • They give you access to the Jupyter Notebook environment (or a Jupyter-like environment).
  • They allow you to import and export notebooks using the standard .ipynb file format.
  • They support the Python language (and most support other languages as well).

I realize that Datalore is more of a “reinvention” of the Jupyter Notebook than any of the other services, but I still included it since it meets all of these criteria.

If you don’t have time to read the post, I also created this comparison table that summarizes some of the key differences.

Your questions/feedback are more than welcome! :+1:



Great work, @kevin! Thanks for sharing it with us!